Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Used TV Salesman

The Environmental Studies Program at Lasell College has been conducting a search for new faculty member to join our team. It has been really exciting to learn about all the interesting work people are engaged in. We have candidates that travel from out of town stay at Hotel Indigo which is near campus. The hotel was recently renovated and is now very trendy. One of the changes they made, of course, was to replace the televisions with flat panel sets.

This transition is happening in hotels and homes across America. What is the environmental fallout of this? Just take a look at There are hundreds of used TVs available in the Boston area. I hate to say it, but it is unlikely these sellers will find a buyer. Most of these TVs are headed for our waste stream. But there is another consequence of the flat panel buying frenzy. Look at the number of armoires available. Interestingly, this number seems close to the number of TVs. People used to use the armoire to house their televisions but now they are no longer needed. Unfortunately, there is not much of a market for armoires either and they are probably destined for the waste stream.

Watch for the flood of used TVs and armoires once rebate checks are mailed by the federal government. Maybe we can think of creative uses for the old furniture besides trash?

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