Friday, March 7, 2008

Greenhouse Gas Reduction

The Green Campus Task Force at Lasell College is currently sponsoring a contest that will award $750 to the student that proposes the best idea for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from campus. I have removed myself from the judging and volunteered to serve as the faculty mentor to students interested in participating in the contest. I have been helping students develop their plans and I have been really impressed with their ideas. Students bring a perspective that faculty and staff don't have. They see things through a different set of lenses. The ideas students are generating are really creative and I have been impressed with the amount of research students are doing. They have contacted campus offices for information and some have even sought out advice from governmental agencies and commercial vendors.

While the Green Campus Task Force can only award two prizes($250 to second place), I really think all of the plans have the potential to be implemented on campus. This contest was a great idea and student efforts are laying the foundation for future initiatives. Keep up the great work! Only 1 week left until proposals need to be submitted.

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