Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New Classroom Space

I met with a student from the fashion department today to discuss plans for the new environmental studies classroom. The classroom has brand new furniture and will be getting new casework over spring break. It is a great space as it has windows on two sides and our choice of furniture will make it very flexible.

The student I met with is from an Interior Design class. We talked about what we could do in the environmental classroom to give it the feel of environmental studies. Immediately, she had great ideas! Plants, bamboo shades, frames for student work, were just a few of her initial ideas. She is drafting up a plan and we will complete the project in the next few weeks.

We also talked about ways to make the hallway more welcoming. Again, plants seemed to be the focus of her attention for this area. We may put up maps or remotely sensed images in the hallway also.

I'm really excited to see the draft of her ideas for the classroom and hallway. I love that it is a student doing the design work. Interior design certainly is not part of my skill set. It also gives this student to apply what she is learning in class.

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