Monday, May 12, 2008

We Add Up

Carson Poe is a friend I went to graduate school with at Boston University. I bump into Carson from time to time and I am always interested in what he is up to. He is a tremendous endurance athlete with some pretty impressive accomplishments in marathon and triathlon races. Carson is now attempting a challenge that takes the cake. He has set off on a bike trip across the country as part of the WE ADD UP campaign.

The idea of WE ADD UP is to encourage individuals to pledge to take some action against global warming. If you make a pledge you get assigned a number to symbolize that we can add up to fight global warming. Carson has decided he will pledge to bike. Not just to bike to work but to bike across the country. He wanted to see the Pacific coast and jets burn a lot of fossil fuel. So, he launched his bike journey with a friend on April 26th and they are already in Iowa.

Carson is getting to see America from a very unique perspective and he hopes to complete the journey by June 21. Way to go Carson! Impressive!

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carson said...

Thanks Mike! I made it!