Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Small Victories

Another guest blog! Thank you Mary Barbara. Guest bloggers are always welcome. MD

Small Victories
BY Mary Barbara Alexander

I wrote recently about training my new housekeeping helpers to change their practices with regard to cleaning supplies, in particular, not using paper towels, but rags instead. I was amazed and elated last Tuesday when Maria showed up at my house and exclaimed excitedly, “I am never going to use Windex again! After you showed me how to use vinegar and water and I see how well it works for cleaning windows, and how much less expensive it is, I am using vinegar and water for all my cleaning.”

“And,” I added, “it’s non-toxic. If a little gets spritzed on the kitchen counters or near the dog dishes, it won’t hurt anyone, unlike Windex.”

So, there you have it. Example is a powerful teacher. And if you think one person can’t make a difference; you’re wrong!

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