Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Lasell Day

Saturday was Lasell Day on campus. Prospective students and their families were invited to campus to meet with faculty and staff about the programs and student life at Lasell. It was a huge success this year as over 400 prospective students came to campus.

Lasell Day gave me the opportunity to meet with prospective environmental studies students. I walked away extremely excited about these students and I hope they choose our program. In speaking with two of the students, it emerged that they have interest and knowledge in raising turtles. In fact, one student has experience at her high school raising northern red bellied cooter hatchlings! She had some great ideas such as growing lettuce hydroponically in the lab to cut down on food costs. The other student has a turtle tank at home! I do not have much experience in raising turtles and I would love to have the help of students with knowledge of these organisms.

The lab looks great and we are continuing to add equipment. The turtle tank is now operational and we have grow lights for the plants. The classroom space is starting to have the environmental feel we were hoping for. I'm excited for the start of our major and looking forward to our first cohort of Environmental Studies Majors.

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