Friday, April 18, 2008

Andrew Ference Takes the T

You don't know who Andrew Ference is? Hockey doesn't get the respect it deserves in Boston anymore. Ference is a defenseman for the Boston Bruins. In case you forgot, the Boston Bruins are a club in the National Hockey League. I should disclose up front I am a huge hockey fan and my team is the Montreal Canadiens. I grew up close to Montreal.

As I was waiting for the Red Line in Harvard Square this morning, I heard a public service announcement by Ference. In the message, Ference promotes using the T and states he uses it to get around in Boston. He even said he uses it to get to and from work.

I investigated further when I arrived at my office. Does Ference really take the T to and from home games in the TD Banknorth Garden? I was skeptical. I found this interview with Ference and it turns out the guy really is devoted to being green. Ference considers himself to be an active environmentalist which is pretty rare for a professional athlete. He usually walks to the Garden, he doesn't own a car, he uses ZipCar, and takes the T to get around Boston.

I was impressed after reading this interview. I typically think of professional athletes driving around in Hummers and other excessive vehicles. I like the Play It Green Blog I stumbled upon. Students in Lasell's Athletic Training and Sports Management Department should read it. It has some great examples of how athletes and teams are working to be more green.

Nice job Andrew! You have just secured yourself a spot on my fantasy hockey team next season.

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Anonymous said...

3-2 Prof. Daley and the B's are coming back to finally beat the Canadians in a playoff hockey matchup ha-ha!