Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Hobby Farm

I'm not sure if my wife takes me seriously yet, but I really want to start a hobby farm. The thought of purchasing a small plot of land in a rural area to grow vegetables is very appealing to me. It could serve as a summer escape from the city and I would be able to teach my son how food grows. I call it a hobby farm because I know the reality of making money working land is very challenging. Probably, I would just grow fruits and vegetables for my family and friends.

I ran across this story today of two Brookline professionals that took the plunge and bought a farm in Chester, Massachusetts. Tom and Doug somehow are able to manage a farm with 15 employees and hold professional positions in the Boston area. Although their operation is much more than I am looking for, their story is really something I can relate to. That should put me one step closer to my hobby farm dream.

I've got a lot of work to do before I can make my hobby farm a reality. Mainly, I need to learn more about farming. I need to start volunteering more for the community farms in the area. As soon as I can free up some time I am going to volunteer for the Newton Angino Community Farm and for the Waltham Fields Community Farm.

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