Thursday, June 26, 2008

Five Gallons of Peas

Last Saturday I volunteered to work on the Newton Angino Community Farm in Newton. The other volunteers had trouble understanding why I would volunteer if I am not a CSA member. I explained that I teach environmental science at Lasell College and I want to learn more about agriculture.

My morning of farming was really satisfying. It was impressive to see the operation that farm manager Greg Maslow has going on. I became an expert during my two hours at picking snap peas. We ended up filling a five gallon bucket with peas from an area about 10'x30'. I never realized how much food can come from such a small amount of land. I couldn't help but wonder why all homeowners don't cover their property with garden plots. It was enjoyable to chat with the other volunteers and to ponder why peas didn't evolve to be bright red?

I'm looking forward to volunteering at the farm again this week. I am planning on involving Lasell College students in projects at the farm. Professor Lowenstein has taken a group in the past. I'm also hoping I can convince Greg to come speak with my class and maybe provide advice on starting a garden plot on campus.

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