Tuesday, November 24, 2009

House Electricity Reduction Contest Fall 2009

Residents of Karandon reduced their electricity consumption rate by 12% to win the Fall 2009 House Electricity Reduction Contest. Nice work!

Hasekll, Case, Cushing, Gardner, Keever, and Pickard residents all reduced their electricity consumption rates during the contest week. Durinng the 1 week contest, students reduced Lasell's carbon footprint by 165 lbs of CO2.

Residents of Keever made an impressive effort after finding themselves at the bottom of the pile after two days. While their efforts were impressive they still fell short of the reductions taken by residents in Karandon, Hasekll, Case, Cushing, and Gardner.

Unfortunately six houses fell below the line and increased electricity consumption rates during the contest week.

Final Results:
Karandon -12%
Haskell -9.7%
Case -5.1%
Cushing -4.9%
Gardner -3.7%
Pickard -2.4%

Spence 1.4%
Carpenter 2.5%
Saunders 2.8%
Briggs 4.4%
Mott 6.0%
Chandler 11.0%

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