Friday, September 11, 2009

Our New Dorms

Today I attended the ribbon cutting ceremony on the "new corner of campus". The ceremony officially opened the two new residence halls and the new fitness center. The new quad created by the new buildings is very nice and a wonderful addition to our campus.

I worked out for the first time in the new fitness center this morning. It is a very efficient use of space and has some very nice equipment to help keep our student body healthy. I also wandered into the new dormitories on a guided tour. The design is again very efficient. I would describe the dorm as a slight modification of the traditional dormitory model with the exception of a shared bathroom located between neighboring rooms. I know there are many green building concepts incorporated into the new buildings including a very impressive rainwater recovery system. I'll share more about these features in future posts.

The ribbon cutting event today was quite nice. They had cookies, popcorn, ice cream, and iced tea. Dining Services did a great job minimizing waste and they even brought their own recycling receptacles. A lot of hard work went into building East and West Hall but I definitely think it was worth the effort.

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