Monday, April 13, 2009

Green Office Challenge Week

The Green Office Challenge starts today and will run through Friday. Klingbeil, Potter, Plummer, and Bancroft are competing to demonstate the biggest improvement in four areas: waste minimization, recycling rate, electricity usage, and vehicle miles traveled.

Baseline data was collected in March and students in Environmental Science (ENV211) will be looking for improvements in each building. There are many things building occupants can do. Turn off the computer at night, minimize artificial light usage, unplug refrigerators, bring waste-free lunches, recycle all paper material, carpool, take the T, and don't use the printer or copier unless absolutely necessary.

Studies have shown that 90% of the waste in an office setting can be recycled! Two computers left on overnight in Bancroft use 5% of the weekly electricity. While it depends on the age and how often the compressor runs, I roughly estimate that the six refrigerators in Potter use about 7% of the electricity in the building.

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