Friday, February 13, 2009

The Look and Feel of Single Stream

Lasell College is almost done transitioning to a single stream recycling system. The transition has presented many challenges but I think we are making good progress. For example, the single stream system expands the materials that can be recycled so much that the small "Slim Jim" recycling containers are not big enough. This is a good thing but an issue we had to address. Our solution- use 30 gallon garbage cans lined them with blue bags. The blue bag is the symbol of recycling at Lasell.

At the end of one day we noticed a lot of trash ending up in the blue bags. I guess it still looks too much like a garbage can even with the stickers and posters. My leadership class came up with a clever solution and I think this may work. We placed flags on the bins attached to wood dowels. Now a flag hangs over the recycling bin making it abundantly clear that this is a recycling bin and not a garbage can.

Next week we will continue to monitor progress. I think there is a lot of energy and excitement for the new system. Students appreciate the opportunity to recycle more of their waste. Students have been active across campus trying to educate the community. There is now a nice display in the window of Wolfe Hall. Bulletin boards and recycling stations are now decorated to promote our recycling system. The presence of recycling on campus is building and I think the culture is going to take hold.


RickG said...

We're looking for some help to analyze and contact communities re single stream recycling. We want folks who have an interest in the area and willing to do the work needed to get this rolling. We pay by the hour.

RickG said...

We are looking for some intern help to get information on communities that we are trying to move to single stream. Paid internship, mostly computer and phone work. No local office so work from your school

Bobbie said...

Congratulations on all the hard work and creative thinking.
Question: what should we expect to happen with the smallish blue bins in the library that we've tried to make recycle bins up till now? They're often lined with clear trash bags by housekeeping, but I don't know what happens to the contents when they get emptied. Do you know?