Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Dumpster Dive

I am proud to say that this morning I went dumpster diving. I did not physically dive into a giant 30 yarder but I did loot through a giant pile of trash. As I fumbled on my way to to the car this morning with the boy in one arm and his lunch in the other I noticed a huge mound of trash. In this mountain of trash on the side of this Cambridge street there was a suitcase. Someone was throwing out this perfectly beat up suitcase even though Professor Athey and the students heading to Mexico could use it? I quickly threw my son into his car seat and ran over to the trash pile to claim the suitcase before anyone could beat me to it. What joy when I discoved a second suitcase in the trash pile under my first dumpster dive prize. Quickly I realized how dumpster diving can get addicting. I felt great all morning. Not only was I able to bring in two more suitcases for the Mexico service-learning trip but I rescued two suitcases destined for the landfill.

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