Thursday, September 11, 2008

Green Campus Initiative

I spent much of my day working to launch the new Lasell College Green Campus Initiative web page. The Green Campus Initiative web page used to be housed on the internal web space and only open to faculty, staff, and students of the college. We have decided to move this web page so the information contained in it is open to the world.

I think this is a great decision. Lasell College has a responsibility to model sustainability. While we are just starting down our path towards an 80% reduction in our carbon footprint by 2050, I think it is important that our ideas, programs, goals, and progress be transparent to people inside and outside of Lasell. We will try things that will fail and it is important to communicate results with others to help build the knowledge base of sustainability. We benefit from reading reports from other colleges and businesses and it important we also share what we are learning.

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Anonymous said...

As a recent Lasell Alum I am happy to see the college taking these steps. Prof. Daley is doing a great job making the campus more aware of our carbon footprint. If only this major was around when I went to Lasell haha.

Last semester was the Reduce Carbon competition and I would like to see Lasell to attempt some of those great ideas. Perhaps some sort of an update in the next blog?

Keep up the great work Prof. Daley!

Dedicated reader.

Kevin Lawson '08