Friday, August 29, 2008

Greenbuild 2008

Any college student with interest in sustainability and green building should click on the following link and sign up to volunteer for the U.S. Greenbuilding Council's Greenbuild 2008 Conference and Expo. The conference is coming to Boston in November and it is an opportunity that students should not let pass by. By committing to 8 hours of volunteer service, students and professionals under the age of 25 can attend the conference for free including breakfast and lunch!

If free food isn't enough motivation then take a look the scheduled program for the conference. Students can hear Archbishop Desmond Tutu, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, deliver the opening keynote address. Students might also be interested in hearing from biologist E.O. Wilson, a leader in international biodiversity conservation efforts. Bill McKibben, Majora Carter, and Kevin Klose are just a few of the other incredible speakers that will be presenting.

In addition to hearing from dynamic leaders attendees at the conference have the opportunity to attend Educational Sessions. In these sessions participants can learn about a vast range of issues and ideas in the green building industry. Here students can pick up training and skills that will be critical as they enter the job market in the coming years. If that is not enough, the conference offers Off Site Educational Sessions that showcase green buildings and campuses in the Boston area.

This is an incredible opportunity and the faculty and staff at Lasell College need to rally to encourage students to volunteer. Whether motivation comes from extra credit in class, through the Service Learning Office, or out of interest in the Green Campus Initiative, faculty and staff should push hard to make sure students take advantage of this opportunity.

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